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All selected projects are designed and managed by Wiede Landscape Design partially within an interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers. Visits of the sites can be arranged.

Parks and Gardens

Fondation Beyeler Art Museum Fondation Beyeler Museum - Renzo Piano Fondation Beyeler Park Beyeler Museum Riehen Park Fondation Beyeler Art Museum

Museum park: The Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland
Architect: Renzo Piano, Building Workshop Paris and Genua
Publication: "Renzo Piano - Fondation Beyeler - A Home for Art"
Co-Author: Jochen Wiede: "A Museum in the Park, Landscape Design"
Published by: Birkhäuser in german, english, french, italian


Environment and Ecology

Hirtzfelden, Alsace, reclamation project plan Ensisheim, Alsace, reclamation project in progress 2 Hirtzfelden, Alsace, reclamation project in progress 2 Hirtzfelden, Alsace, reclamation project in progress 3 Hirtzfelden, Alsace, recreation centre when finalized

Ensisheim and Hirtzfelden, Alsace, France:
An over 30 year long period of gravel exploitation has left behind huge ground water lakes with derelict shore lines and industrial waste lands. These are now being transformed into regional recreation centres with nature parks and amenity areas, a collaboration between local communities, the industries and Wiede Landscape Design. This reclamation concept brings wasted industrial sites back to nature and man.


Urban Design and Sports

Technical report about the new town of Craigavon in Northern Ireland Sporting facility project in Muttenz, Switzerland School facility in Riehen, Basel, Switzerland 1 School facility in Riehen, Basel, Switzerland 2

In a technical report about the new town of Craigavon in Northern Ireland Jochen Wiede as the author stresses the importance of interdisciplinary work for landscape architects as they contribute on all planning and project levels.

Wiede Landscape Design designs all kind of sporting facilities with surfaces in natural or artificial turf, in flexible and hard tops. This example in Muttenz, Switzerland, is in sand and includes a building for utility and service.

This new school in Riehen near Basel, Switzerland, has been built along ecological principles (architects: Vischer AG). For Wiede Landscape Design this entailed all ground works including self draining hard surfaces,

a sport pitch on turf, a capture area for seeping roof and surface water and planting schemes with mainly indigenous plants.


Japanese Garden Art

Japan Garden Japanese Garden 1 Japanese Garden 2 Japanese Garden 3 Japanese Gardens 4

The japanese garden today:
While developing plans for private and public clients - be it small terraced gardens, courtyards or large parks - our design focus is not only reduced to the typology of Japanese garden motifs. Our design approach is based on the in-depth knowledge of historical horticulturalists in China and Japan in order to create modern and functional garden creations based on the harmony of yin and yang, the principles of geomancy (feng shui) and the aesthetics of Japanese zen. Between these poles, with the demand for an ecological orientation of our work, we draw from old to create new.


Some small and larger garden projects

Japanese garden Münchenstein, Zen Garden Artificial pool in Riehen near Basel Garden before - Arlesheim Switzerland Garden afterwards - Arlesheim Switzerland

This japanese inspired corner of a small garden in Münchenstein (BL) serves as a place for tranquility and reflection.

An artificial pool helped to recreate the richness of nature in this former private grounds in Riehen near Basel.

The "before and after" pictures reflect the former unsatisfied and now happy faces of the owners of a large villa garden in Arlesheim (BL), Switzerland.

Perfect design and best craftsmanship guarantee a harmonious union between natural stone works and plants with their ever changing colours and shapes.

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Summary of projects and references

A summary of projects and references is available here...

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