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Jochen Wiede is author or co-author of many published reports on landscape planning, on technologies in landscape engineering, on soil improvement schemes, on tree care management, on restauration of historical gardens.

Books have been published with his works, featuring: Garden history in a context with urban development, Garden art as an approach to nature, Urban trees and open spaces - a review in garden history (all three in German); on landscape design with Renzo Piano for Fondation Beyeler: A museum in the park ( in german, english, french and italian). Please ask for a list of available books, giving titles and publishers. The newest publications are listed below in detail.

Oriental-Persian Garden Culture - Marix Verlag 2020
Paradises and the Garden in Islam
Orientalisch-Persische Gartenkultur
(Print only in German)
Garden cultures from the West, the Far East and in this book the Oriental-Persian garden culture are important socio-cultural achievements. The author and garden historian Jochen Wiede presents for the first time in this book an in-depth overview. He reaches back over 3500 years to ancient Egyptian roots of gardening and manages in this great time-span to specify an evolvement of the culture of gardening leading up to the emergence of royal gardens in early Persian empires until the seventh century ad. Then, the author describes the development of garden culture within a slow islamization of the Persian empires.
This richly illustrated book serves for reference purposes and for preparation of garden trips. Any garden lover and interested in history will appreciate this well-structured book in order to approach this topic or to sort out his own yearnings for a garden paradise.
Title: Orientalisch-Persische Gartenkultur – Paradiese und der Garten im Islam. Author Jochen Wiede. Marix Verlag – 2020. 240 p., over 140 coloured and b/w images; solid hard cover with dust jacket. ISBN 9783737411448

Far Eastern Garden Culture - Marix Verlag 2018
Mysterious gardens in China and Japan
Fernöstliche Gartenkultur
(Print only in German)
Reader’s review:
In this first fundamental work about the history of Chinese and Japanese garden culture the author Jochen Wiede illuminates in this richly illustrated book the emergence of gardens in connection with the respective philosophy and religion over the epochs of Chinese and Japanese history. The Chinese garden is a cosmic diagram mirroring a philosophy of life. The terms Yin and Yang, Geomancy and Feng Shui are explained in this context. On the other hand, the Japanese garden is characterized by an aesthetic understanding of nature.
The author goes into detail about the floral art of ikebana, the art of bonsai and the tea ceremony. With its well-structured presentation and the extensive list of further literature, this book offers readers an ideal introduction to discover this fascinating world of the Far Eastern Gardens ..., because not only what you learn here about architecture is amazing. Even if this all seems to be a little too detailed, and I mean this in a very positive sense, I recommend take a look into this book; it will be a small highlight for many readers.
Title: Fernöstliche Gartenkultur – Geheimnisvolle Gnärten Chinas und Japans. Author Jochen Wiede. Prologue by Dr. Lianming Wang. 240 p., 140 images; hard cover with dust jacket. Marix Verlag 2018. EAN: 9783737410854; ISBN: 3737410852; Libri: 4702875

Occidental Garden Culture - Marix Verlag 2016
The desire for landscape since antiquity
Abendländische_Gartenkultur Gartenkultur
(Print only in German)
Reader’s review:
This specialised non-fiction book by garden and landscape architect and garden historian Jochen Wiede deals with the relationship between people, nature and landscape since antiquity in their role of inspiring the emergence of garden culture and garden art.
In an in-depth historical knowledge about the different stylistic development the author brings to life ancient home garden, Moorish garden culture, the early gardens of France, German and English landscape gardens as well as parks in North America.
These are just a few of the multitude of historical examples that the author discusses. In addition, the trends from modern and postmodern gardens, from land-art to the works of landscape artists like Christo and Jeanne-Claude the author put into perspective of an overall development. ...This book is an inexhaustible source for all those who look for facts and knowledge in the realm of green in towns, gardens and parks...” (Vivanno)
Title: Abendländische Gartenkultur - Sehnsucht nach Landschaft seit der Antike. Author Jochen Wiede. Marix Verlag Wiesbaden, 2016. 256 p. coloured and b/w images. Solid cover with dust jacket, 17 x 24 cm. ISBN: 3737410127 - EAN: 9783737410120

Myth * Mankind * Fashion - Buchverlag Basler Zeitung 1993
Garden Art and dealing with Nature in Basel
Mythos Mensch Mode - Gartenkunst_Basel
(Print only in German)
Reader’s review:
"This oblong shaped booklet - nicely illustrated with photos, plans, and drawings - leads swiftly through the garden history of Basel; it is thoroughly researched, revised once again, and inventive in its presentation. The author Jochen Wiede, a landscape architect working in Basel, presents and connects the history of gardens in Basel with the general customary garden styles over the course of history.
Although nothing new is revealed, it shows that gardening, plant collecting and garden design has always been going on.
These aspects are also addressed in the book's visual content in skilfully combining atmospheric and historical images with the documented material. The extensive bibliography completes this book.
Title: Mythos * Mensch * Mode - Gartenkinst und der Umgang mit Natur in Basel. Author: Jochen Wiede, including a prologue from Heinrich Kuhn. Published by Basler Zeitung 1993. 95 p. images in colour and b/w; 14x 21 cm; Hard cover with box. ISBN: 385815251X - EAN: 9783858152510.

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