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Landscape and urban planning
Design of rural and urban open spaces
  • Planning
  • Landscape masterplan
  • Landscape development plan
  • Use zoning plan
  • Urban masterplan for environmental implementation

  • Projects and design
  • - for the public
  • - for corporate and institutions
  • - for the private
  • Recreation areas
  • Urban open spaces, green belts, parks
  • Cemeteries
  • Playgrounds, sportfields, leisure areas, golf grounds
  • Schoolyards
  • Exterior open spaces for housing estates, public, corporate and private buildings
  • Gardens

Ecology and environment
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Strategic planning for sand, gravel, rock or clay exploitation
  • Reclamation and reallocation projects for exploited and derelict lands
  • Waste and refuse dump management, soil improvement schemes
  • Landscape analysis and management for road and river projects
  • Protection and management schemes for endangered habitats of animals and plants

Specialities and special tasks
  • Japanese garden art:
  • Zen garden
  • Japanese garden
  • Feng Shui garden

  • Feature gardens: (see images for inspiration)
  • Your dream garden
  • The natural water garden or garden ponds
  • The wild, bush, or woodland garden
  • The Italian garden
  • The English garden
  • Roof and patio gardens

  • Special tasks
  • Tree health and safety assessments
  • Soft technologies in engineering
  • Historic gardens


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